Aprile with the Titanic Model

Aprile's artistic career began in advertising and continued as a dimensional designer at MCA Universal and then Walt Disney Imagineering where she developed her skills as a scenic artist, figure finisher, model maker and project manager.  After several years as an Imagineer, Aprile joined Local 44, as a model maker and detail artist working on films such as Titanic, Hellboy and Team America.  She also spent many years working for Grant McCune Design as a visual effects artist.

In the pursuit of continuing education and updating skills, Aprile completed a three-year art program with top honors and received a certificate in Graphic Arts / Digital Media and Production Design.  She joined local 800, working as a Scenic Artist for ABC with Locke Koon, and now works as a production and set designer for independent films as well as a graphic and composite artist on TV shows such as The Office and films such as Anchorman II.

In between films, Aprile maintains clients as an interior designer.  She also participates in public art projects and was chosen as artist-in-residence for Cool Globes in Los Angeles and has a permanent art installation in Expo Park.  She shows her work in NoHo at the ADG's Gallery 800.


2014 Tabloid Witch Award - Best Production Design

2008 PCC Highest Honor Distinction, Photography

2008 PCC Highest Honor Distinction, Illustration

2008 PCC Competitive Art Scholarship Award

2005 California Preservation Design Award