Planned Parenthood Solution

Being a designer, a wife and mother - problem solving is a very big part of my existence. Over the years, I have learned it is a colossal waste of time spending energy trying to convience others to change. Eventually, I realize I only have control over my own actions, and with the right workaround, I can achieve just about anything!

At the Woman's march there was reportedly over 3 million marchers in the US. That is a lot of voices which equals a lot of buying power. Like many people - I'm upset at the state of our divided nation and I want to do something constructive to bring people together and relieve some of the stress in the air - so I'm putting my efforts to what I do best, problem solve.

Subject:  Planned Parenthood

Each time our government has a Republican in office, Our government pens a rollback for Planned Parenthood. It happened with Reagan, Bush, Bush and now Trump . Our federal government gave about 500 million dollars to Planned Parenthood last year. The Parties and American people are divided on this issue. Defunding Planned Parenthood is unacceptable to many Americans. Just as many Americans find funding Planned Parenthood unacceptable. To sum up the problem in simple terms: How do you turn a die-hard Yankee's fan into a Red Sox fan?  Answer: You don't!

Fact: To fund or not to fund Planned Parenthood is one of the many divides between the Democrat and Republican parties

Problem: How can we guarantee the continued funding of planned parenthood regardless of who is in office?

Solution: Rely on what we have control over - US!

If every person who marched commits to $15 a month donation to planned parenthood - it would equal $540 million a year, ($12 x $15 = $180 x 3 million = 540 million!

It is easy to do. You can make a monthly pledge at any amount. Click on the blog title "Planned Parenthood Solution" above and you will be taken directly to their donation site.