The Last Bookstore - Downtown Los Angeles

Book Mural

Animated Bookcase

Tony and Color Coordinated Books

photography - Lorraine Triolo

Today, my artist friend Lorraine took me, her friend Tony, and his wise beyond his years son Dominic, to The Last Book Store.  It is located in a former bank - in the Historic Banking District, Downtown LA. 

It is an incredible feast for the senses. The moment I walked in, I smelled books. It was the smell of adventure. Then I saw books. They are everywhere!  In shelves, on the walls, in the furniture, most of  the interior decor is made from books. I was told the owner and his dad were the main inspirational designers for this magical, insane place. This bookstore is tripping! The counter is made from stacked books.  There is an epic book sculpture spanning the west wall. Upstairs, there is a book tunnel leading to the color coordinated book section and $1 book area. An animated bookcase that very possibly, if loosened from the wall, would fly away with all it's books, is just up the stairs on the second floor. It's a literary imaginarium.  

There is also a gallery row - where real artists have studios and shops to sell their works, an epic record department, and a knitting studio with a beautiful woman with the most incredible blue hair. The whole place is fantastic!   

I highly recommend this place, over drugs and alcohol, to stimulate your imagination! The address is: 453 S Spring St., Los Angeles, Ca 90013 phone 213.488.0599

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